WCN saves endangered species in 24 countries around the world by supporting independent wildlife conservationists.


Protecting Ivindo's Forest Elephants

The big tuskers of Gabon's Ivindo National Park are now threatened by poaching. The Elephant Crisis Fund is helping to protect these majestic elephants by funding new anti-poaching patrols and intelligence units created by Gabon's National Parks Agency. 


Dr. Jane Goodall's 80th Birthday

WCN was honored to host Dr. Jane Goodall's 80th birthday party in San Francisco and to help Dr. Jane raise more than $1.25 million for chimpanzees. Special musical guest Dave Matthews serenaded Jane and the audience. The money raised will help relocate chimps from an overcrowded rehab center. 


WCN Ranked Top Wildlife Charity

WCN has been ranked as the Number One wildlife conservation charity by Charity Navigator, America's largest charity evaluator. The ratings are designed to help donors navigate the charity marketplace and are based on efficiency, accountability and transparency.