WCN Partner Application Process

What WCN supplies to new Partners:

  • Featured presenter at Expo
  • Private fundraising event with WCN donors
  • Media promotion
  • Minimum fundraising guarantee of $20,000 per year
  • Fundraising and donor development coaching
  • Organizational capacity building
  • Marketing support
  • Global networking with world-class conservationists

What Partners supply to WCN:

  • Strategic and operational plans
  • Copy of annual report
  • Photos and promotional materials for marketing
  • Availability for media events and opportunities
  • Link to WCN's website

Apply for support:
Review the following Partner criteria:

(Please note that the below criteria pertain to the Partner organization as a whole, not just a single project within a larger organization)

  • Works in developing countries*
  • Focus on a terrestrial mammal species listed as vulnerable, endangered, or critically endangered by the IUCN*
  • Focus on a single species as a flagship, rather than multiple species
  • Organization should make a unique contribution to conservation efforts
  • Organization should have a track record of effectiveness
  • Organization should be highly collaborative with other organizations
  • Focus on conservation rather than research
  • Works with animals in-situ, not in a sanctuary or other captive facility
  • Significant community integration/involvement
  • A demonstrated commitment to hiring, developing, and empowering local staff
  • Organization has recently progressed beyond start-up phase
  • Annual budget typically less than $250,000
  • Field-based with the principal conservationist living 80% of the time in the range states
  • At least 80% of the organization budget is spent in the range states
  • Operates independently of large organizations
  • Not-for-profit organization
  • Operates with all required government and legal requirements

If your project meets all of the above criteria, proceed to Step 2. 

Complete the WCN Letter of Inquiry:

WCN Letter of Inquiry (PDF Format)
WCN Letter of Inquiry (RTF Format)

Letters of Inquiry are to be three pages maximum plus the conservationist's CV/Resume.

Submit the following items:  
1. Cover letter
2. Letter of Inquiry
3. CV / resume
by email to:  application@wildnet.org 
or submit by fax to:  +1 415.202.6381
or submit by mail to:  Wildlife Conservation Network, 209 Mississippi Street, San Francisco, CA 94107

Questions? Send email to:  application@wildnet.org or call Eve at +1 415.202.6380

A small number of those submitting Letters of Inquiry will later be asked to submit a full application.


2016 Deadlines

January 15, 2016

Submit Cover letter, Letter of Inquiry (LOI) and CV / resume

February 15, 2016

Selected conservationists invited to apply

March 15, 2016

Final applications due

April 30, 2016

Potential Partner(s) invited to attend Expo and give presentation as a guest speaker

October 2016

Invitees attend Expo along with current Partners

January 2017

New Partner decisions