Apply to be a Guest Speaker at the Wildlife Conservation Expo

Each year, WCN invites several conservationists to be guest speakers at the Wildlife Conservation Expo. The Expo, held in October in San Francisco, is one of the premier wildlife conservation events in the United States and attracts a crowd of around 1,000 wildlife supporters. Guest speakers also are invited to join WCN’s training workshops the week before the Expo and to participate in private donor events. 

The guest speaker selection process is highly competitive, with spots awarded each year to some of the world’s leading conservationists.

Guest speakers receive:

  • A guaranteed $10,000 in funds raised for their conservation work
  • Inclusion in several days of WCN training workshops
  • Invitations to private donor events
  • The ability to nominate students to the WCN Scholarship Program
  • Inclusion on the donation page of the WCN website. WCN will receive and process donations for guest speakers for one year, and guarantee that 100% of funds raised designated for the guest speaker will go to his or her organization.

Requirements to become a guest speaker:

  • Must work in a developing country
  • Conservation must be field-based and species-focused.
  • Must be fluent in English
  • Preference is given to conservationists not from large organizations
  • Unlike WCN Conservation Partners, guest speakers can work on species other than terrestrial mammals

To apply to be a guest speaker, please send a brief email to JG Collomb with the following information:

  • Name
  • Organization
  • Species you work on
  • Link to website
  • Link to or list of any prior speaking engagements
  • 2 references willing to discuss your work