Snow Leopard Conservancy Lecture

Dr. Rodney Jackson has devoted nearly 35 years of his life to protecting the iconic cat of central Asian mountains, the snow leopard. Arguably the world’s foremost snow leopard expert, Dr. Jackson has developed relationships with a myriad of people throughout the cats’ range with the goal of empowering them, the local people, to protect these magnificent creatures with whom their lives are so entwined. As a child growing up in South Africa, young Rodney Jackson knew he would someday work to protect wildlife. What he didn’t imagine then was that seeing a picture in a magazine of poached snow leopard pelts would change his life forever and he would end up immersing himself in an undertaking that would find him working in the highest mountains of the world, sometimes trekking for several days just to reach his research area. Nor did he imagine his work would one day be endorsed by the Dalai Lama, or that he would be the recipient of a Rolex Award for Enterprise resulting in a cover story in National Geographic Magazine. Come hear about the amazing travels, science and discoveries of one of the world’s leading Snow leopard researchers.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014


7:00 PM


California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco CA