Digital Marketing Manager

The Wildlife Conservation Network is a rapidly growing leader in wildlife conservation, working in more than 20 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. WCN uses its collaborative, entrepreneurial, innovative, and philanthropically generous approach to wildlife conservation to reverse crises facing critically threatened species. We partner with distinguished, front-line, independent conservationists who live and work with local communities to champion the survival of wildlife and conserve the habitats they share. WCN supports these entrepreneurial leaders with access to donors and a range of resources and tools they need to be successful.  

With pioneering support from and partnership with the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, WCN has developed a Crisis and Recovery Fund initiative, beginning with the Elephant Crisis Fund (ECF) and the Lion Recovery Fund (LRF) - with the aim of developing additional Funds in the future. These Crisis and Recovery Funds focus on addressing urgent threats to specific wildlife species by driving funding to the best ideas and programs to address those threats. The Crisis and Recovery Funds as well as WCN’s conservation partner network are the key aspects of WCN’s strategy to expand the conservation impact on threatened wildlife.  The Elephant Crisis Fund and the Lion Recovery Fund are featured in WCN’s digital platforms, but they also maintain their own separate website and social media platforms, all of which must be managed by the WCN digital marketing manager.

WCN’s team is a group of dedicated conservationists from diverse backgrounds who value the people and relationships behind conservation as much as the science and strategy to save wildlife. We are looking for an experienced digital marketing professional who, with passion, creativity and savvy, will drive strategy and implementation of WCN’s digital marketing efforts to attract, engage and motivate conservation-minded individuals to support WCN and its partners around the globe.  This position also will drive digital strategy and implementation of the Elephant Crisis Fund and Lion Recovery Fund initiatives, with collaboration from WCN partners. Like all staff, the digital marketing manager will engage with WCN leadership in donor stewardship, strengthening the philanthropic commitment and reach of our donor base. 

Key responsibilities: 
• Oversee the strategy and implementation of WCN’s online engagement efforts and the Crisis and Recovery Funds’ online engagement efforts, including their websites, email outreach, social media, and other digital marketing tools.
• Develop social media strategy and responsible for social media outreach, campaigns, and strategically placed advertisements across all channels for WCN and Crisis and Recovery Funds.
• Manage content updates and maintenance of WCN website ( Assist with content updates and maintenance of Crisis and Recovery Funds websites ( and
• Manage Google Analytics and distribute monthly website analytics for WCN and Crisis and Recovery Funds.
• Develop metrics to measure the effectiveness of digital marketing initiatives and adaptively manage their design.
• Supply social media content for key WCN supporters and corporate partners when requested and help develop social media campaigns with corporate partners and Crisis Funds supporters and partners.
• Oversee WCN’s Search Engine Marketing and Google Adwords campaigns from strategy to implementation.
• Develop, maintain, and report on digital tracking codes across all digital platforms as needed.
•  Work closely with donor engagement team as a key part of expanding online donations for WCN and Crisis and Recovery Funds, including technical (i.e. html) support to optimize email outreach.
• Assist with content development and storytelling for WCN’s newsletter, reports, and blog as needed.

Experience and Skills: 

• 5-7 years of marketing/communications experience, preferably within a nonprofit organization.
• A strong ability to find pragmatic solutions adapted to a small marketing team.
• Demonstrated experience in creating strategic and compelling content for social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat).
• An understanding of Search Engine Optimization techniques and Google Adwords, from execution to metrics.
• Excellent project management skills with superior attention to detail and an eye for creativity/design.
• Competency with various software and digital tools to support marketing functions (Adobe Creative Suite, Content Management Systems).
• At least a general working knowledge of html.
• Strong writing skills and an eye for good storytelling a plus.
• Graphic design skills and competency with InDesign, Photoshop, and other graphic design tools a plus.
• Highly collaborative style and strong interpersonal skills to thrive in a collaborative, flat, team-oriented culture.
• Excellent organizational, multi-tasking, analytical, and problem solving skills.
• A strong track record as an implementer who thrives on managing a variety of initiatives concurrently.
• Self-starter, able to work independently, with an entrepreneurial spirit.
• Willingness to work at all levels.
• Integrity and a passion for conservation. 

Reports To: Director of Marketing and Communications 

Benefits: The position is full-time and will include health and retirement benefits. Salary will be based on experience and qualifications. WCN is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

To Apply: Interested candidates should email a cover letter and resume to