WCN Exhibitor status is available to any organization that is:
* A registered non-profit (either US 501c3 or in-country equivalent) that is focused on wildlife conservation.

Preference will be given to:
* Those working with in-situ conservation
* Those working with local communities
* Those working on a species-based approach to conservation
* Commitment to help promote the Expo

WCN will provide the following to each accepted applicant:
* A free space at a Wildlife Conservation Expo to display information, sell merchandise and connect with the Network
* Link to your organization’s website from WCN’s webpage/listing in the Event Program
* Two wristbands to access all presentations during the Expo
* Access to the Wildlife Conservation Network

WCN requests of each applicant:
* Proof of non-profit status
* Display link to WCN’s website on the organization’s website or social media
* Promotion of the Expo in Exhibitor’s newsletter, mailings, and social media (WCN to provide email copy—you can use the copy or create your own to be shared with your email lists)

Every year, WCN brings together the world’s best wildlife conservationists to exhibit and speak about issues concerning endangered species around the world. As an Exhibitor, you will have the unique opportunity to connect with likeminded organizations and wildlife enthusiasts, and promote your organization in a conservation-oriented setting. Please see below for information on our upcoming spring Expo:

April 21 - Spring Wildlife Conservation Expo, Cañada College, Redwood City, CA
    ◦    Expected attendance: 400-500 Expo Attendees, 5 conservation speakers, 30 Exhibitors
    ◦    Exhibitor Hours: 11am to 5pm
    ◦    Deadline for Application: February 28, 2018 (then on a rolling basis)

Priority for Exhibitors for all Expos will be given to organizations with a wildlife conservation mission, a willingness and ability to promote the Expo to your audiences, and to organizations who have promoted our Expos in the past as previous participants. We will also be keeping the overall diversity of Exhibitors in mind when considering applicants. 

Please email me at pooja@wildnet.org if you have any questions at all. All Expo Exhibitors must complete the form even if you have been an Exhibitor in past years.

Note: The application process to exhibit at our flagship Expo on October 13, 2018 will open in the summer. 

To apply, please fill out this form by February 28, 2018 at the latest.

Apply to Become an Exhibitor