Andean Cat Conservation Reception

Most of us are familiar with the charismatic big cats. But there is a whole different world of small wild cats out there who are just as beautiful and captivating, like the Andean cat. The mysterious and elusive Andean cat might resemble your beloved house cat in size, but its unique yellowish-brown markings, long and bushy tail, and delicate facial features sets it apart. 
Andean cats live in the high Andes Mountains and Patagonia steppe, where the weather conditions are extreme, food is scarce, and where the landscape is mostly inaccessible to humans, yet these little survivors thrive amid such challenging conditions. Unfortunately, these challenges mean these wildcats are rarely sighted and harder to study. There have only been ten recorded sightings of Andean cats in 25 years. The Andean Cat Alliance operates across Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and Peru, the countries where the cat lives, and devotes their time and energy to saving an animal that most of them may never see!

Please join us to hear from Rocio Palacios, Co-Coordinator of Andean Cat Alliance, and Rodrigo Villalobos, Conflict Mitigator, as they take us on the journey of the mysterious and shy Andean cat. 

Admission $100 per person.

100% of proceeds from this event go directly to Andean Cat Alliance.

Please register online by Monday, March 31.

Enjoy delicious drinks and gourmet hors d'oeuvres in a casual home setting.

To learn more about Andean Cat Alliance and its efforts, watch Rocio's talk from the 2016 Wildlife Conservation Expo.



Saturday, April 8, 2017




Downtown Palo Alto- Directions to the event will be sent to you upon receipt of your RSVP