There is a reason people say ‘extinction is forever’.

Because it’s true.

From forest elephants and okapi in central Africa, to lion populations across the continent's savannahs, to snow leopards on the roof of Central Asia—some of the world's most revered and treasured wildlife are on the brink. As our human pressures and populations grow, theirs plummet.

Once they’re gone, they’re gone for good.

But it's not too late, there is still hope.

The Wildlife Conservation Network believes that hope for endangered species lies with local conservation heroes who are creating innovative and effective approaches to wildlife conservation. These partners work with local people to combat wildlife's threats: from habitat loss to poaching, from human-wildlife conflict to poor management of the land and sea. They, and the species they champion, are the reason for this campaign.

We must help them Protect What’s Left. 

When you help Protect What’s Left you are stopping extinction dead in its tracks. 

Endangered species can’t do it alone, and neither can we. Join us.

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How WCN is Protecting What’s Left 
At WCN we believe that independent wildlife conservationists have the power to find smart, innovative ways to protect endangered wildlife. Acting much like wildlife's venture capitalists, we invest in those conservationists, providing them with funding, services, and training to succeed. With this support, our conservation partners are better equipped to run their programs, build their organizations, and ultimately have the biggest possible impact for wildlife.