Wildlife Conservation Expo

Each October, all seventeen of our Conservation Partners gather in San Francisco for the Wildlife Conservation Expo, where they share their experiences of saving wildlife around the world to a captive audience. They are joined by guest speaker conservationists, more than 40 organizations committed to animal conservation or welfare, and over 1,000 wildlife supporters for a day of learning and celebration.

Conservation Receptions

Receptions are a chance to get up close with the conservationists in our network. Held throughout the spring, each reception features one of WCN’s seventeen Conservation Partners, and offers guests the opportunity to meet the conservationists and ask questions about their work. Each Conservation Partner’s closest supporters have the opportunity to attend receptions.

Conservation Lectures

WCN conservationists engage and inspire audiences at open public lectures held throughout the year. They share their stories from the field and passion for wild animals. Lectures include a presentation from the conservationist and time for audience questions.