The African Lion represents all that is wild in Africa.

Once considered the king of beasts, lions today have been subjugated by the pressures of growing human populations across the continent.

Their numbers have plummeted.  In the past 25 years, we have lost one half of all lions and today there are fewer lions than rhinos.

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But it’s not too late.

This crisis can be reversed. Lions can recover if protected areas across their range and the lands surrounding and connecting them are managed effectively for the benefit of lions and people. Removing snares, restoring prey, and reducing human-lion conflict, for example, can all help regain lions. These landscapes can then become protected lionscapes; safeguarding lions as well as a wealth of other species. 

Yes, in the past 25 years, we have lost one half of all lions on Earth.
But we can, and we must, bring that half back.

Many talented conservation heroes are working passionately to help lions, but they need your help.
Thanks to catalytic support from the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, the Wildlife Conservation Network with its longterm partners Niassa Lion Project and Ewaso Lions is building a coalition of founding institutions to launch a Lion Recovery Fund (LRF) to help bring lions back from the brink. It will focus on:  

  • Funding innovations to secure lionscapes and expanding what works.
  • Building awareness of the lion crisis and the will to reverse it.
  • Elevating collaboration by a coalition of conservationists, united for lions.

The Lion Recovery Fund is modeled on the principles of the Elephant Crisis Fund (led by Save the Elephants and WCN) in its execution. It is driven by sound science.  It seeks to bring new and greater financial investment to lion conservation.  It encourages new levels of collaboration. It supports the best ideas rather than a single institution. It provides funding access to vetted organizations of any size that have a clear path forward to lion recovery.  And uniquely, 100% of every donation goes straight to supporting actions to ensure a future for lions.

It’s hard to imagine a world without lions in it, but that specter looms in many parts of Africa. 
With your support, the Lion Recovery Fund will ensure lions thrive and will once again reign as the king of beasts. 


Lion Recovery Fund: Strategy to Recover Lions and their Landscapes
Roaring Forward: 2017 Progress Report


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