Lions are losing across Africa.

Lion populations have declined by half in just a quarter century.

There are now fewer lions than rhinos left on the continent—a tragic loss unbeknownst to most of the world.

Their loss signals the loss of the wild in Africa and strips Africa’s people of a natural resource vital to its ecosystems and its economies.

Their loss is ours.

But, lions can return.

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If Africa’s celebrated parks and reserves were properly resourced and effectively managed, and the human communities around them supported, we could have three to four times the number of lions as we have today.
Lion recovery is within our grasp.

We can turn these protected landscapes into lionscapes
where lions can recover and people can thrive.

Creating vibrant lionscapes is the primary strategy of the Lion Recovery Fund, a catalytic investment mechanism sending 100% of donations to the best ideas from any institution that can help recover lions and restore their landscapes.

The human population in Africa will double by 2050. With support from donors large and small, and collaborative efforts by conservationists, lion populations can also expand.

The Lion Recovery Fund (LRF) was created by the Wildlife Conservation Network and the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation to catalyze recovery of lions on the ground in critical landscapes across Africa, while creating a philanthropic and conservation movement to restore these African icons and their vast landscapes.

It’s hard to imagine a world without lions in it.
With your support, the Lion Recovery Fund will ensure lions thrive and will once again reign as the King of Beasts.

The Lion Recovery Fund: A Unique Approach to Wildlife Philanthropy

  • Ideas Not Institutions.  The LRF seeks and vets the best ideas for lion recovery whether they come from large or small organizations.
  • 100% To The Field.   Every dollar raised is directly deployed to projects that recover lions, with zero administrative fees or overhead.
  • Effective Vetting.  The LRF employs global conservation leaders to vet and select the best partners and investments for lion recovery—a service to any funder committed to Africa’s wildlife and wildlands.
  • Lions Before Logos.  The LRF advances collaboration within and outside the conservation community, leaving brands and egos at the door.

Learn why lions are in trouble and what we can do to help them recover.
Film narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio.

Ewaso Lions, the Niassa Lion Project, and the Lion Recovery Fund are partners in lion conservation through the Wildlife Conservation Network.


How You Can Help

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By following and sharing the work of the Lion Recovery Fund, you can help turn the quiet crisis of declining lion populations into an uproar of awareness and support.

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