WCN saves endangered species in 24 countries around the world by supporting independent wildlife conservationists.


Limited Edition T-shirt

WCN has partnered with FLOAT to release a limited edition t-shirt that showcases the species around the world that are supported as part of the WCN network. The shirt will be available for one week only.


100,000 Elephants Poached in 3 Years

New research led by Save the Elephants finds that 100,000 elephants were killed by poachers in just three years. Poaching now threatens the future of Africa's elephants. 


Meet Expo Speaker Dr. Gay Reinartz

The 2014 Wildlife Conservation Expo was held on October 11 in San Francisco. Learn more about Guest Speaker and bonobo expert Dr. Gay Reinartz. The emotional, intelligent bonobo lives only in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where Gay works.